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Blade & Soul will allow class changing with generational update

Published: 23:27, 06 May 2021
Updated: 06:46, 07 May 2021
Blade & Soul
Blade & Soul

NCSoft's announced update for Blade & Soul is already known to be bringing graphics upgrades but there are additional features that every player is bound to enjoy.

Blade & Soul: Revival is coming to North America and Europe during Q3 of 2021 and will be a free update for everyone. It will include the update to Unreal Engine 4 but also some game-changers like the ability to shift character classes, additional feedback in dungeons and a difficulty system for the aforementioned instances. 

Class changing is rather self-explanatory. The system will let players change their classes as well as class-exclusive items. NCSoft wanted to give the players more options and generally reduce the headache stemming from the shifting metas and new character releases. This way, you will be able to enjoy the best the game has to offer without jumping through all the hoops again.

Dungeon combat can get flashy and if you're pulling the right moves, the game will commend you for doing so. Responsive Dungeon Combat System will provide feedback on the player combos, joint attacks, party protection and more, via commendations in the form of on-screen animations.

The last, but by no means the least announcement is the Dungeon Difficulty System. It will let players choose harder modes in order to experience everything Blade & Soul can throw at them, in hopes of getting more replayability.

Unfortunately, there is no mention if the added challenge will warrant better rewards. 

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