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Bioshock 4 could be PlayStation 5 exclusive

Published: 09:38, 31 May 2021
2K Games
BioShock Infinite
BioShock Infinite

Sony might have locked down the next Bioshock game for timed or full exclusivity according to industry insider Nick Baker. The game is currently in development and it's yet to be announced.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been aggressively pushing time exclusive deals over the last couple of years but the Japanese giant are certainly ahead when it comes to temporary exclusives on their PlayStation platform. 

Square Enix's big new games Forspoken and Final Fantasy XVI will both be timed exclusives for PlayStation while the next one to be announced could be 2K Games Bioshock 4, which is reportedly in development. 

This info comes from industry insider Nick Baker aka Shepshal Nick, who is one of the hosts on XboxEra podcast. In the most recent episode, Baker revealed that the new Bioshock game is being "money hatted" by Sony.

He states that he does not know whether this deal is for timed or full exclusivity, though. Check out Baker's comments on Sony and Bioshock in the video below at the 1:00:40 mark:

Of course, since this is not official info, take it with a grain of salt even though Baker is a reliable and trusted source in the games industry.

You may remember that the first game in the franchise was initially available only on PC and Xbox but it eventually arrived to the PlayStation platform too, after a year or so. 

We doubt that anyone is happy with timed-exclusivity deals, especially for franchises that traditionally release on all platforms, but it is what it is, and you better prepare to hear more similar stories in the near future.

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