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Bard's Tale IV is no longer compatible with Windows 7 apparently

Published: 09:10, 21 January 2020
picture shwing combat in Bard's tale 4
Bard's Tale 4

Windows 7 official support ended recently and inXile Entertainment are now pushing Bard's Tale IV players to install Windows 10 apparently. Considering it was originally playable in Windows 7, players are not liking the minimum system requirements change.

Microsoft's official support for Windows 7 ended recently and the push to switch to Windows 10 continues through the company's developer studios. Technically, the push started years ago as even State of Decay 2 required Windows 10 to run but the case of Bard's Tale IV is somewhat different.

Namely, inXile's title originally ran on Windows 7 without hiccups but this changed at some point after . Minimum PC requirements were then moved from Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10, meaning that Windows 8 was also caught up in the incompatibility mess.

As per usual, inXile devs opened a , asking players to provide feedback on bugs and crashes that might occur. Some players eventually started asking whether the crashes would be fixed for Windows 7 and on 20 December 2020, a by stating that Microsoft no longer officially supports Windows 7 and inXile Entertainment followed suit.

The post continued by recommending an upgrade to Windows 10 but in case this was not an option for the players, they could submit a ticket and see if the support staff could help them out.

Still, this didn't make the players happy. After all, they paid for the title back when it was compatible with Windows 7 and now they can't run the game thanks to the OS update being forced on them.

Inxile picture showing a character from Bard's Tale 4 Bard's Tale 4

Keep in mind that there are reports of some players running Bard's Tale IV on Windows 7 with no crashes but the fact that others are indeed having trouble starting it and no apparent ETA on a fix for their system is not a matter that should be swept under a rug.

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