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Atomic Heart gets a new trailer showing off DLSS and ray tracing

Published: 21:38, 19 January 2021
Atomic Heart screenshot showing combat
Atomic Heart looks like a mix of Bioshock and Prey

Mundfish's action-RPG Atomic Heart has received a trailer that confirms Nvidia's participation in making Deep Learning Super Sampling and ray tracing available on day one.

Things may have changed for Atomic Heart, more on which in a bit, but it's good to see that the game hasn't lost its brand of strangeness. The monologue; red carpets; levitating statues; monsters of all shapes and sizes; yeah, bro, feels like home. 

By the way that's not criticism or anything - we like 'em as strange as possible. While we're yet to see a proper gameplay session, Atomic Heart has had some upstanding trailer moments.

Nvidia's job, of course, is to keep the whole thing oiled and running, especially with the combo of DLSS and ray tracing, a match made in heaven. After all, the realism associated with ray tracing comes with a performance price, which DLSS makes just a bit more manageable. 

As for Atomic Heart, we've heard reports of significant changes in Mundfish that ultimately brought about changes to the core game too. It's been a while since we've heard anything though, so it is entirely possible that Rumourville is at it again. 

Described as a first-person shooter with action-RPG elements, Atomic Heart throws players in 1955's alternative-timeline Soviet Union, where high-tech equipment is common. 

Players assume the role of a cracked up KGB agent named P-3, who is sent by the government to investigate a factory that suddenly went silent. 

Atomic Heart is said to feature an extensive crafting system, and the dev's insistence on maintaining scarcity of in-game resources should work well with that. Mundfish's plan was to launch Atomic Heart sometime in 2021, and Nvidia's trailers suggest like the studio is on track to deliver.

Mundfish Machines are dancing in a creepy way in Atomic Heart Atomic Heart

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