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Astromancer class has released in Blade & Soul Cosmic Horizon update

Published: 00:05, 25 September 2020
Blade & Soul - Astromancer
Blade & Soul - Astromancer

NCSoft released the Cosmic Horizon update for Blade & Soul which brought the newest class along as the Astromancer's spellcaster agility was shown off.

Astromancers made their way to Blade & Soul and now the players can enjoy the long-range DPS class that features agility which may not be as common for the archetype as it may seem. Provided the player possesses a penchant for timing, they can prove invaluable with the Astromancer.

The class relies on various buffs to make sure they unleash the full potential of their damage. One of these buffs is the 20 per cent increase to Mystic damage to the entire party. Furthermore, the class can also inflict debuffs and control the battlefield with debilitating crowd control effects which makes it perfect for Joint Attacks in PvE and dueling in PvP.

It features two specialisations - Starcaster and Stormweaver. The first one has the unique ability to summon galactic rifts and celestial shapes which amplify the Astromancer's other skills, effectively providing a buff to the damage output. 

Starcasters also rely on precise combo rotations in order to keep their stacks of Starlight and Photon at a high count. Starlight provides damage to abilities all around while Photon buffs LMB and RMB skills.

Meanwhile, Stormweavers will focus more on being agile as they gain additional ways to evade or control enemies. They will rely on maintaining Portent up as much as possible since many of their abilities will be improved while the effect lasts. 

For example, Twister can be used for twice as long while Portent is up, meaning the stun will also be longer. 

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