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Apex Legends will feature executions just like Titanfalls did

Published: 17:10, 04 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of some nature in Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella promised a stream that will tease Apex Legends and it has offered some insight into the game's workings. Players will have pulse as an ability, throwables and executions will be featured once again.

Apex Legends livestream is underway and it throws a new bit of information every once in a while. So far, Respawn Entertainment teased a pulse ability while using a sniper rifle, a throwable hatched or a knife, executions and both male and female characters.

The at the game revealed a character armed with what looks like a throwing knife, where he proceeded to simply throw it at the camera. The livestream continued with the loop showing a view of nature, with occasional reveals, with the next one in line being a show of skill by to uncover an enemy's position and then proceed to kill him with one shot to the head.

Apex Legends' juicy bits came with the , which probably got every fan's heart racing - it showed an execution. Unlike some violent and brutal Titanfall executions, this one showed a more humane side of the pilots. As one pilot stabbed the other, he lay the victim's rifle upon the body and put his hand over it, as a show of respect.

Another clip showed two more features. It slowly another character, this time a female, so both genders are confirmed, just like in the original two Titanfall games. The second feature is that the character was doing an emote, which tells us that the in-game cosmetics will not be limited to just skins.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of one player executing another in Apex Legends Apex Legends

There were a few more clips coming through, one where another female character was shown performing an emote, and one more where a different character stood at the edge of a cliff, apparently . It is currently unclear whether the raven will be a functional ability or simply an emote.

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