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Apex Legends training room getting an update and new name

Published: 11:08, 14 October 2019
A first-person view of a firing range in Apex Legends
Apex Legends, new Firing Range

With the Season 3 of Apex Legends in full swing, Respawn's team are working on the next round of changes, starting with a training area. It will be called the Firing Range, and let you try out all the legends, gear and skills in the game.

Respawn announced the Firing Range and gave us a sneak peek via a recent Apex Devstream episode. They confirmed we'll be seeing it before Season 3 ends, and you can check it out for yourself in the video below, past the 7:00 mark. 

The Firing Range will allow for proper testing of skills, character abilities, weaponry ultimates and just about anything else that Apex Legends may throw at you. Respawn threw in character dummies as well, which opens up even more testing avenues, and it looks as if the team covered all the bases. 

And not a moment too soon, as the current edition of Apex Legends' training grounds hasn't exactly kept up with the main game. Respawn's battle royale is in its third season now and it's not only bigger - it's more refined in every aspect. 

Apex Legends' current training ground allows for testing of only the most basic features, so its usefulness greatly depends on what you're trying to do. Getting a feel of a certain weapon is doable, but without the attachments - you might as well be winging it.  

Which is exactly what we've been doing most of the time, so we're pretty sure both returning and recurrent players will love the Firing Range.

Speaking of players, Respawn mentioned they're adding the Firing Range to Apex Legends "by popular request", meaning it was the incessant enquiries by the fans that did the trick. 

In related news, rumour has it that Respawn is preparing a new character for Season 3, and if the leaked screencaps are true, Apex Legends will soon welcome Revenant, "Synthetic Shinobi", to the roster. The same leak says his Freak of Nature passive grants him serious mobility, vertical and horizontal, when he puts away his weapon, while Dodge & Leap and  Smoke Bomb are pretty self-explanatory. 

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