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Apex Legends gets Pathfinder Edition, new Quest Chapter coming today

Published: 10:01, 27 May 2020
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Pathfinder from Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Respawn and Apex Legends players have more than one reason to be excited today - either for the freshly launched Pathfinder Edition or the new Quest Chapter.

We've known about the Pathfinder Edition for some time although we didn't anticipate the ultra-cool trailer. Well, the ultra-cool may depend on your age, because where some see static - others will be transported to the time of watching some classics on VHS. 

The beloved tin can's apparel definitely helps the whole vibe - he's one classic rock song away from a blockbuster. How did Respawn not play the Creedence here?

"The Pathfinder Edition is locked and loaded with everything you’ll want for your next expedition. Whatever dangers the journey ahead holds, you’ll meet them head on with a super cool bandana, back-in-fashion camo shorts, and a can-do attitude", Respawn wrote. 

Apex Legends: The The Pathfinder Edition contains the following:

  • Legendary "Full Metal Robot" Pathfinder skin
  • Legendary "First Blood" Havoc Rifle skin
  • Exclusive "Molotov Cocktail” Gun Charm
  • Exclusive "Lone Bot" Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Apex Legends: The Pathfinder Edition is going for $19.99 and looks like a decent deal, even though it's not exactly a great time to play Pathfinder. His Season 5 nerf hit hard, but on the other hand - the items will remain for whenever he goes back to his old glory. 

Apex Legends character Pathfinder Apex Legends, Pathfinder Edition

Apex Legends has had some server issues as of late, which spilt into hitreg as well, but the second Quest Chapter is coming today as planned. 

Last night, Respawn's writer Tom Casiello tweeted, "Keep forgetting tomorrow is Tuesday! Detached Chaperone is coming your way. Someone’s got themselves a date! And a whole lot of other stuff I can’t tell you! But we’ll talk tomorrow."

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