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Apex Legends dev handing out free Star Wars-inspired Pathfinder skin

Published: 08:43, 05 December 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of Pathfinder from Apex Legends
Apex Legends - Pathfinder

Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launched a few weeks ago to some great reviews and the dev is now marking the occasion in Apex Legends too, with a free BD-1-inspired Pathfinder skin. Now all you need is a Charge Rifle and it's proper Star Wars.

Surely you've noticed that when there are several Charge Rifle wielders duking it out in Apex Legends - it starts peculiarly resembling Star Wars battlefields. One could argue that aiming is also like in the movies, but that assumption will get you killed all too often. So yeah, it's a joke.

Anyway, players logging into Apex Legends from 3 December 2019 to 14 January 2020 will be getting a free BD-1-flavoured skin called BP-1 Pathfinder. 

To be fair, it's unlikely to make your Pathfinder as cute as BD-1, but it should, in theory, bring him closer to that high-five he always wanted. Not that he's very gentle when going for it in Apex Legends, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Apex Legends recently got a hefty update that increased the level cap and tweaked player progression, which previously had quite the slope at around level 26. Respawn ironed this out with the update, so the progression should feel much smoother right up to level 500. 

Moreover, the dev increased the number of Apex Packs that can be earned through gameplay, where players can now earn almost 60 packs by level 100, as opposed to earlier 45. In short, more free stuff to be won. 

If you by some chance didn't log into Apex Legends after 3 December, you should know that Respawn's updated progression system applies retroactively, so depending on your level, you may find free Apex Packs. If you were level 100, you'll be getting 14 of them, and you can pick up an extra free skin on the way.

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