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Apex Legends: All the map changes in Season 6: Boosted

Published: 17:04, 14 August 2020
Updated: 17:06, 14 August 2020
Apex Legends: Season 6's new geyser
Apex Legends: Season 6, new geyser is in!

There were some doubts whether Season 6: Boosted is taking Apex Legends to another planet, but that's not happening, so here are all the map changes done to World's Edge.

According to Apex Legends' design director Jason McCord, the map update is meant to inject some newness into the map, and he listed the main points they were hoping to tackle with Season 6: Boosted changes:

  • More (and improved!) play on the lava side of the map
  • Better options for rotations out of some particularly sticky chokepoints
  • An interesting new map mechanic to promote some new combat scenarios.


The first change is courtesy of Hammond Industries, who own the rocketship you'll see from across the map. 

The new Launch Site is directly underneath the rocket. It has four large control rooms and a bunch of loot. The terrain is mostly catwalks with lots of lava if you misstep. 

EA Apex Legends, redesigned Landing Site Apex Legends: Season 6, new Landing Site

A new path now leads to the east side of The Tree, which give more options for rotating out of The Dome. 

EA Apex Legends, redesigned path from Launch Site towards Sorting Factory Apex Legends: Season 6, Launch Site towards Sorting Factory


Countdown is a new facility that replaces the Drill Site and it's also built by Hammond. It's featured in today's gameplay trailer , and it even has three blast walls that can be raised to fortify your position against enemies coming from Skyhook, Lava Fissure and/or Train Yard. You can find the same shield mechanic in Launch Site and Staging as well.

The central pit is surrounded by control rooms and it can be opened for some top loot. That said, you better make sure the coast is clear before you do - otherwise you may become target practice.

EA Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site


This is a smaller PoI that replaces the town below the train tracks, to the east of Harvester. Mirage fans will be sad to hear that Mirage's Voyage is gone, but such is life. 

EA Apex Legends new POI Staging Apex Legends: Season 6, Staging POI


Apex Legends players going east from Survey Camp will find an easier path to Sky Hook. Respawn claim it's great for rotating out of Sky Hook and it makes Survey Camp more viable both as a drop location and rotation option. 

EA Apex Legends, redesigned Skyhook region Apex Legends: Season 6, new Skyhook


One of the main changes in Season 6: Boosted is there's no train. It's been dismantled and scattered around the tracks, but Apex Legends will find there's (slightly) more loot to be found and much more cover in the tunnels. 

The cover image also features a change - we have two Apex Legends geysers now!

EA Apex Legends tunnel Apex Legends: Season 6, no train - no problem!

Apex Legends - Season 6: Boosted by Respawn Entertainment and EA

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Apex Legends: Season 6, Countdown, former Drill Site

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