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Apex Legends: Season 6 - Boosted trailer shows how crafting works

Published: 15:49, 14 August 2020
Updated: 15:50, 14 August 2020
Apex Legends replicator
Apex Legends replicator

Apex Legends is heading for Season 6: Boosted and the gameplay trailer showed one of the highly anticipated features coming with the launch - crafting.

As you'd expect, Season 6's new legend Rampart takes centre stage in the gameplay trailer, and it's pretty clear she'll sport a very deadly turret as one of her skills. Being touted as a modder, we guess there will be some repairs in play as well, but we'll wait for Respawn's official word. 

As for crafting, the trailer shows a crafting terminal, or replicator as it's called in-game, that players can access and craft away. We're not entirely sure whether they're stationary, but it could just be the portable styling talking. 

While all of Apex Legends' weapons will be craftable, they won't all be available at once. There seem to be some weekly and daily assortments of weapons and gear in play, which mean even more fun for the devs in steering meta away from stale combos. 

This also means that not everyone will immediately get to crafting weapons. Unless, of course, the Volt SMG ends up being the first craftable weapon, in which case we can't guarantee anything. After all - this is the gun that's been rumoured almost since Season 1, so excitement is completely understandable. 

You may have also noticed that some things have returned, like the energy mags and Turbocharger. In other words, we're waiting on Respawn to list all the changes they did, because they obviously tumbled things around again. 

EA Apex Legends, Replicator interface Apex Legends, Replicator interface

One of the obvious changes is the Devotion seemingly going back to the weapons pool, which poses the question of which gun is in the new care weapon now?

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