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Apex Legends - Season 8: Mayhem patch notes are in

Published: 19:06, 01 February 2021
Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse
Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse

Respawn have finally posted the full patch notes for Season 8: Mayhem, and there's a lot to sift through, including Fuse's abilities, 30-30 Repeater specs, legendary magazines and more.


Players could've gleaned Fuse's abilities from the trailers and dev streams, but now we've got official info on Apex Legends' "most explosive Legend". And you'll soon learn Respawn were only half-joking about the epithet. 

  • Passive - GrenadierStack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately.
  • Tactical - Knuckle ClusterLaunch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact. 
  • Ultimate - The MotherlodeLaunch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flames.


Respawn were clearly itching for a high-skill high-reward weapon, which is exactly the role that Apex Legends' fills. 

30-30 Repeater's accuracy should make up for the slower rate of fire, and if that doesn't do it, then its built-in charge will. The gun will do a short build-up when you keep the firing button pressed, so players can prioritise firing rate or damage on the fly. 

EA Apex Legends, 30-30 Repeater Apex Legends, 30-30 Repeater


With Season 8: Mayhem, Apex Legends is getting Gold-tier magazines, which allow for automatic reloading of stowed weapons after a brief delay. 

Legendary Magazines have the same capacity as Purple mags and are available for Light, Heavy, Snipers, and Energy weapons. 


As promised, Apex Legends has finally received the long-awaited damage counter, which should allow for easier tracking when chasing badges and/or challenges. 

Pinging weapons or ammo in your inventory will now notify your teammates of how much you have left, as well as post a "Player wants ammo" message in quick-chat. 

EA Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem screenshot Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem brings Legendary Magazines

As for the changes to existing Apex Legends characters, the first change is to Wraith's hitbox, which has been made slightly larger. Her win rates have been consistently at the top, and after successfully pulling back Pathfinder's dominance in S7, Respawn are hoping to do the same for Wraith. 

Rampart's Sheila has had its angle increased from 120 to 180 degrees, and her wall health is up from 1hp to 45hp in the build phase. 

Horizon's Gravity Lift effective cooldown is up from 21s to 25s, and Octane's Launch Pad will now favour jump height when hitting in upright, or distance when hitting it from a crouched position. 

You can find the full patch notes on the Apex Legends website .

Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem

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