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Anthem gets PAX West trailer dubbed 'Our World, My Story'

Published: 09:25, 03 September 2018
Concept art for Javelins, in-game exosuits from Anthem

BioWare's PAX West trailer for Anthem is called 'Our World, My Story' for a reason - it shows off some simply stunning in-game locations but not just for the sake of eye candy, since there will be plenty of back story to hold it together.

BioWare say they went for a combination of a "dynamic, ever changing world and a powerful personal story" in Anthem. However, it seems we'll have to wait a bit longer for the actual story, because other than hinting at possible personal connections between players and NPCs, we're still pretty much in the dark.

Apparently, Fort Tarsis will be the central hub for personal story development and all the choices you make will have in-game consequences. Developing relationships with NPCs will let you learn about their past and what they're hoping and/or trying to do. There will be no romantic relationships in Anthem though, as BioWare confirmed a while back.

Not all in-game characters will be your buddies though, as Fort Tarsis is a melting pot of different factions, each with own goals. The trailer mentions that you'll meet shadowy figures with questionable character, so I'm guessing EA is an in-game faction as well.

I'm joking of course, but it does seem that many players who have been faithful BioWare followers will be holding off their purchases solely on the account of mistrusting EA. Not even James Ohlen's of BioWare being the sole authority on Anthem have been enough to change that.

As far as visuals go though, Anthem looks simply stunning and seems to be getting more gorgeous with every outing. BioWare seem to have done a great job combining vast expanses and claustrophobic caves, along with monsters that roam them. Javelins, the in-game exosuits, look as grand as ever, so there's not much else to do other than wait to take one into the thick of the battle.

EA Four Javelins, exosuits from Anthem, hovering in the air Anthem

Anthem is slated for launch on 21 February 2019, with the demo coming on 01 February 2019. EA have already suggested that this isn't just a passing fad for BioWare and that they may be looking at a 10 year project for the company, much like Warframe is for Digital Extremes.

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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