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EA and Neill Blomkamp announce Anthem live-action short film

Published: 17:13, 12 February 2019
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Anthem live-action short

EA and Neill Blomkamp have officially announced Anthem's live-action short film dubbed Conviction. Both the publisher and director shared a teaser trailer while the film will premiere on 14 February 2019 on Oats Studio YouTube channel.

The man behind District 9 and Elysium yesterday shared some interesting Anthem-related content on his Twitter. Blomkamp teased his new project by posting a picture of Javelin from Anthem along with a "can't wait to share this soon" caption.

Well, we didn't have to wait too long for the confirmation, as both Neill Blomkamp and EA have officially announced Anthem live-action short film called Conviction.

The teaser trailer for the film has been shared and it shows Freelancers flying above some kind of abandoned alien space ship or construction and a mysterious female character saying "The Anthem swims through your might".

Pretty mysterious so far but we wouldn't expect more from a teaser trailer anyway. The film will premier on Oats Studios YouTube channel in just two days - 14 February 2019. The premiere comes just a day before Anthem's launch for Origin Access Premier subscribers.

According to EA's announcement, Conviction will be set decades before the beginning of the game which suggests that it may serve as some sort of a prequel for the game's story. 

The publisher invited viewers to experience Blomkamp's unique style of "photorealistic visual effects" which he brought together "seamlessly" into their highly-anticipated new title.

The announcement also mentions that the film will show the player city of Fort Tarsis come to life and freelancers that live within it. The evil Dominion faction will also appear along with their master and the main villain - The Monitor.

EA picture showing anthem film poster Conviction poster

All in all, it looks like EA are aiming to offer a bit of introduction to Anthem's lore and the events that led to the game's story. They definitely have one seriously talented director onboard and we can't wait to see what he came up with.

The film will be available when it launches.

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