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Anthem slammed for $20 cosmetics, Bioware say prices not final

Published: 13:17, 31 January 2019
Four Javelins, exosuits from Anthem, hovering in the air

An image that shows Anthem's microtransaction prices has surfaced on Reddit and many players aren't happy with EA's decision to include $20 items in a $60 game. The image reveals multiple skins, fabric and metal materials and emotes.

EA's microtransactions policy has once again started a blizzard of angry comments on social media after an image showing cosmetics prices surfaced on Reddit.

The image was shared by a Redditor called thyroid_ and it shows two armour packs priced at 40,000 coin and 2000 shards.

Shards are Anthem's premium currency which means they can be bought with real money. 100 Shards will cost you $1 which means that Anthem's Javelin skins come at roughly $20.

Many players pointed out that these prices would be fine if Anthem was free to play game like Epic's Fortnite but given that Anthem is priced at $60 they find the cosmetics pricing absurdly high.

The image also reveals "Gum on Shoe" emote which is priced approximately $12 while rare textures for Javelin armour cost roughly $8.

The thread hit the top spot on the Anthem subreddit front page pretty quickly and it counts more than 1400 comments which is probably why Bioware's Senior System Designer Chris Schmidt commented on the matter. 

He said that Bioware are iterating their economy design and balance "almost daily" and that prices shown in the picture don't represent the final pricing. He also explained that these daily changes are one of the reasons why Bioware and EA are yet to discuss cosmetics prices.

"It's one of those iterative things that's sure to change frequently right up until the day you play the game," Schmidt said.

While Schmidt's comment offered a tiny bit of hope that these prices won't make the final cut, players were still unconvinced and offered their own pricing plans.

Many of them agreed that optimal price for a Javelin armour pack would be $3, emotes would be acceptable at $2 while rare textures price shouldn't be higher than $1.

Reddit picture showing anthem's in-game score Anthem's cosmetics prices

Popular streamer SummitG1 joined in the criticism of the pricing scheme by saying that he expected something like this to happen and that "EA will keep doing what they do to make money".

Bioware previously confirmed that everything in Anthem will be unlockable through progression and that items won't be locked exclusively behind the shards currency.

The question is, how long players will have to grind for these items. We'll find out on 22 February 2019 when Anthem is dropping on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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