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Preload for Anthem closed beta is now live on all platforms

Published: 10:56, 23 January 2019
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Preload for Anthem closed beta is now live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The demo weights around 20 GB on consoles and 43 GB on PC. Preload comes two days before the start of the closed beta test which is scheduled for 25 January.

Anthem's closed beta is just around the corner and players will be able to jump straight in once it becomes available on 25 January 2019, courtesy of the preload option that is now live on all platforms.

The closed beta, or Anthem VIP Demo as EA and Bioware like to call it, is available to those who pre-ordered the game or have Origin Acess Premium subscription. Regular Origin Access subscribers won't have the option to try out the game.

Anthem's closed beta weighs in at around 23 GB on consoles, while PCs will require as much as 43 GB. Bioware earlier confirmed that beta won't have any tutorials and players will be dropped straight in the middle of the game. Furthermore, they won't get to create their own pilots in the demo, the difficulty of which will be easier than in the full release.

To preload the closed beta on PC, all you have to do is visit Anthem's store page and hit "Try It First" button which will then open Anthem Demo page where you can start the download.

On consoles, the demo page is not that easy to spot and you'll have to use the search option to find it. Just type in Anthem Demo if you have the VIP access and that should do the trick.

Bioware picture showing a character from anthem Anthem's Interceptor class

Everyone who has access to the beta gets three additional closed beta codes which can be used to invite friends for a proper squad fun.

For those who didn't jump on the hype train and are waiting for reviews before buying the game, Anthem's open beta testing starts on 1 February 2019 and will last until 3 February 2019. Everyone who participates in both betas will get an exclusive in-game item.

For more Anthem news, check out the official or read more on  plans.

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