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Anthem to promote social interaction, won't have guilds at launch

Published: 09:27, 04 February 2019
Updated: 09:57, 04 February 2019
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BioWare recently revealed more information on the social aspects of Anthem, where they talked about the alliance system which will be present in the game at launch and the guilds, which will be absent until a later update happens.

Alliance system is essentially a bonus for playing in groups, regardless of who the groups consist of - either your friends or random players. When you play with other players, you will become a part of an informal alliance, where both you and your teammates earn points that will tally up at the end of a week. 

The top five players you shared your adventures with during that week will contribute experience towards the alliance, alongside you. Once the experience is accounted for, the game will award Coin, which is the in-game currency, based on how much experience all of you contributed.

According to Ben Irving, the alliance system is BioWare's push towards more socialisation in Anthem, on top of having matchmaking for everything, which was announced a while back. Meanwhile, another social aspect will be missing from Anthem at launch - guilds.

Guilds are definitely something BioWare want to implement in Anthem, but there is currently no estimated time window on when they might come. Irving that they will get information on exact timing as soon as they have their plans locked in, also noting that the developers will start working on and release guilds as soon as they can.

While guilds are not exactly crucial for looter shooters, with other similar games working fine without them, they do add more layers to social interaction and one has to wonder whether BioWare had planned to implement them from get go. If they did, the lack of guilds would spell unfinished game.

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On the other hand, if BioWare didn't originally intend to introduce guilds, seeing a developer who listened to the fan base and decided to implement a feature based on feedback would be a nice change in the modern gaming world. Especially because Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have been doing that for a while now and The Division 2 is looking ready to tackle fan-reported issues from the original The Division at launch.

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