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Anthem demo has infinite loading glitch and some server issues

Published: 16:27, 26 January 2019
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Considering that we are talking about beta testing, it's not surprising to see Anthem running into some glitches but the fact that it's a limited time testing got many players frustrated with BioWare's inability to fix them quickly.

Note that no platform is exempt from server issues and EA's Anthem website agrees. They listed the main issues to be infinite loading screens, inability to get past the title screen, Xbox One accessibility and some trouble with friends codes.

In response to the first issue, Anthem's executive producer tweeted, "Not a fix, BUT: If you are hitting the 95% load hang - try quitting out and restarting. You may get a message, 'Game server detected, do you want to rejoin?' say yes. That MAY get past the block. Again, not a fix, but it may get you past."

The fix has worked for many Anthem players but apparently not for everyone, so we hope you're one of the former ones. BioWare did write that they're scaling their servers to allow for more players, suspecting that insufficient server capacities are the culprit.

EA claim to have addressed the issue in the meantime. The company said, "The main issue impacting the Anthem VIP demo on PC and PS4 has been resolved. Anyone who has had an issue on those platforms should restart the game and attempt to join again. Our team is still working on fixes for some of the issues we’re seeing on Xbox One."

Needless to say, the issues got many a player worked up, especially considering the timed nature of the demo. You may recall that Anthem's beta testing, or VIP demo as BioWare and EA prefer to call it, lasts until 27 January 2019, so it's quite understandable. 

Bioware picture showing characters from Anthem Anthem

Moreover, Anthem's VIP demo was a privilege for those who preordered the game but having your experience cut short isn't very privileged, is it? We're not sure whether this will endear BioWare and EA to the idea of extending the testing period but that seems to be what most fans are hoping for. 

If you need help navigating Anthem's beta, you can do so , while any trouble you've had with the game can be reported on EA's website, .

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