Madden NFL 18 vs Madden NFL 17 graphics comparison

Published: 14:55, 09 September 2017
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It's the Ignite engine versus the Frostbite engine in our newest graphics comparison video where we take a look at EA's Madden NFL 18 and its prequel. Watch our video to see all the visual differences in motion.

It is the Madden season once more. That time of the year where we have to hand over more money to EA to play an American football game. As long as EA holds the rights to the NFL, we will always have to play Madden. No 2K version this decade.

As with every new sports game, there’s a mixture of reviews saying it’s actually a radical change and others saying that it’s just a roster update - and we are no different. However, for Madden, there's actually a big change, as Madden 18 is the first game to use the Frostbite engine - the same engine used for Battlefield 1, Anthem and FIFA 18, along with many more EA games.

So what has graphically changed? Instead of us telling you about it, why not watch our newest graphics comparison and see for yourself?