What are the support classes in Lost Ark

Published: 07:12, 15 February 2022
Updated: 07:13, 15 February 2022
Lost Ark - Paladin
Lost Ark - Paladin

Dealing high amounts of damage is not for everyone. Some people like to protect their allies, either from the front or from the back, and that is what the Paladin and Bard classes are for in Lost Ark.

Unlike most MMOs on the market, Lost Ark does not conform to the, so-called, Holy Trinity of a pure frontline tank, a backline healer, and a damage dealer. Instead, it allows players to make their own playstyles. Likewise, the support classes in Lost Ark are not of the cookie-cutter kind.

The closest approximation Lost Ark has to a frontline tank that can stun-lock enemies is the Paladin class. This is the advanced class from the Warrior base class, and is a male gender-locked class, with high a high health pool, and based on your build can be either used to deal damage and stay in a fight for long, or buff themselves and allies with various stat boosts and healing.

Paladins, thus, are a good mix of damage-dealing and utility, with the focus being on making yourself as big a target as possible to shield your allies. However, it must be noted that this class is a bit on the more difficult side to play, so it is not beginner-friendly. You must be aware of exactly how much you can take and dish out, as retreating and dodging is rarely an option due to their low mobility.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Bard Lost Ark - Bard

The other support class in Lost Ark is a female gender-locked class, called Bard. Unlike Paladin, this class supports from the back, using music as her weapon. Bards are capable of healing allies, restoring their mana, crowd-controlling enemies, and using offensive abilities if the situation calls for it. Bards are the master of AoE abilities, and using this to your advantage differentiates a good Bard player from a bad one.

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