Lost Ark - Who is Guardian Argos in the Lore

Published: 06:43, 09 March 2022
Lost Ark - Albion and Argos
Lost Ark - Albion and Argos

We all know what gear score is needed to face this treacherous Guardian, but what is the story revolving around him. After revealing their roadmap, developers have also revealed Argos' full lore?

Just after revealing their Roadmap, Amazon have also graced us with some lore regarding the newest Guardian, Argos, that players must slay as part of Tier 3 content.

Legends tell that after Albion aided Luterra, Nineveh, and Kadan in their journey to the Chain War battlegrounds, he received a new order from Vairgrys, the first Guardian. During the war Argos rebelled, turning his back on the other Guardians, renouncing them and choosing to follow Varkan, the Guardian of Chaos.

This betrayal incurred the wrath of Vairgrys, who entrusted Albion with tracking down and destroying the traitor. Meanwhile, under orders from Varkan, Argos traveled to Punika to spread the power of life and consume the continent.

Amazon Game Studios Lost Ark - Kadan Lost Ark - Kadan

Learning of the dire situation, Albion raced to Punika and the earth-shattering showdown began, with each Guardian attempting to complete their mission. Their clash almost caused Mount Oreha to erupt, and kill everything on Punika, so Albion, in a final act of desperation wounded Argos in an all-out attack. This allowed Argos to infect Albion with Chaos as well, though.

Now, 500 years later, Argos and Albion stir from their slumber, and it's up to players to take up arms against the recovered Argos, as CHaos has taken root in Albion and has not allowed him to recover even after all this time.

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