Lost Ark - What is Honing and How to Use It

Published: 04:12, 12 April 2022
Lost Ark - Classes
Lost Ark - Classes

Lost Ark is a game that will have you tensing up in certain moments, due to all the stress incurred. These moments are less likely to happen during hard Boss fights, though, and more often during honing.

The first piece of gear that can be honed in the game is called Providence. Getting this gear can be done by farming Chaos Dungeons for individual pieces or completing the Shushire storyline to get the full set all at once.

Honing your gear is how you improve your item level, and can be completed at any gear honing vendor in a major city found at the hammer icon on the map.

These vendors will help you hone your gear, with each level of honing granting those items increased weapon power or defense, more vitality, and increasing their item level.

Initially, honing your gear will require a mixture of 4 in-game honing materials, Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, and Destruction Stone Fragments for your weapon or Guardian Stone Fragments for your armor, along with some small amount of SIlver. This is, of course, only applicable during Tier 1, with other Tiers requiring different materials, and an exponentially increasing amount of Silver.

Smilegate picture showing warrior standing in front of huge castle Lost Ark

There are a few ways of gathering the materials required for Honing:

  • Quests
  • Daily Activities,
  • Island Exploration.

So, though Honing at the early levels is a relatively simple affair, once your Gear Levels reach the 1300s, you will understand where all the memes about needing Silver come from, and why it's a good idea to stockpile it from the start.

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