Lost Ark: How to clear Hard-difficulty Valtan and Vykas raids easily?

Published: 07:43, 19 October 2022
Lost Ark - Valtan
Lost Ark - Valtan

You can clear Valtan and Vykas raids quickly if you choose to do these raids only when you reach a proper level and if your group is up to the task. 

Valtan and Vykas are some of the strongest raids in Lost Ark and those who tried to beat these on higher difficulties certainly know that frustrations are almost guaranteed if you're not taking them seriously. 

Lost Ark players have come up with all sorts of cheat sheets to help those who are struggling with the raids in Smilegate's MMO but if you still can't cope with Valtan and Vykas and want to simply enjoy these raids more, then we have a couple of suggestions.

First off, you don't want to tackle these two if you're item level lower than 1472.5. If your items are on this level or above, you'll manage to get into better groups easily and clear the raids fairly quickly.

Yes, Lost Ark does tell you that item level 1460 is enough to tackle Vykas but that will only team up with weaker players that will constantly die on Gate 1. 

Think of 1472.5 as the entry-level for the raids and you won't keep failing on the first game and more importantly, you'll have a more enjoyable experience overall fighting these beats. 

Amazon Lost Ark - Vykas Lost Ark - Vykas raid can be really enjoyable if you get into the right groups

So all in all, there aren't really any magic tricks on how to enjoy these raids more without leveling up. It's all about getting better gear and then trying again with a good group. 


Thanks, Glumpo.

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