Lost Ark - Best in-game settings to use against Guardian Bosses

Published: 06:49, 08 March 2022
Updated: 06:50, 08 March 2022
Lost Ark - Lacking Graphics is sometimes hidden behind an abundance of color
Lost Ark - Lacking Graphics is sometimes hidden behind an abundance of color

One of the most difficult parts of Lost Ark content are the various Guardians that players must take on if they wish to make progress on their character. To this end, here is the easiest way to give yourself and edge while doing so.

All of Lost Ark's bosses share one thing in common, that being telegraphed attacks that players must avoid in order to defeat them. Against Guardians, this becomes even more pronounced, as taking their attacks outright is a quick way to die.

As the players have progressed with the game though, the content that is now encountered is one that can only be tackled with a full party. This means that besides seeing the telegraphed hitboxes of boss attacks, players are also seeing their own allies' abilities as well, making their screens chaotic.

Where the problem lies, however, is in the fact that players tend to dodge everything they see, even if that is the Song of Harmony played by their Bard, designed to help them.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Open-world Battle Lost Ark

The easiest way to get rid of this problem is by enabling a setting in the options that will put an icon over friendly Area of Effect abilities, to help you recognize them, called the Combat Skill ID. It can be found in the controls and display part of the in-game settings, under the show combat/pet tab.

This will, however, only enable the option for yourself, and not your entire team, so don't expect others to have the same setting enabled and play properly. Still, at the very least, it will make your own gameplay better.

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