Lost Ark - What are Coins of Courage used for

Published: 07:11, 16 March 2022
Lost Ark - Jousting tournament
Lost Ark - Jousting tournament

Even for an MMO, Lost Ark can pride itself with the various currencies found in its expansive universe, the latest of which has been added with the March Update.

It doesn't matter where you are in Arkesia, the world of Lost Ark, or what it is specifically that you're doing, there was some form of reward for each and every player in it, from the common silver, to the elusive Pirate coins. However, there was only one aspect of the game that didn't award players with anything, and for good reason, as it's PvP.

However, in the March update, developers have added Coins of Courage to the game, a currency that is gained in PvP content, and used for PvP content exclusively.

Starting from level 27, all players can enter arenas where gear advantages are nullified, and it all comes down to individual player skill, where participation and winning will award players Coins of Courage. Additionally, high-ranked players get a weekly stipend of EXP and Coins of Courage as well, so climbing ranks of the arena is definitely worth it.

Smilegate Lost Ark Lost Ark

Currently, there aren't any real ways of spending Coins of Courage, as they're a recent addition to the game, and not many players have them, with vendors expected to appear with the start of Season 1.

However, with the currency being so hard to get and not able to get grinded or abused the way bots are doing to gold, it may just become the standard by which the wealth of any given character is measured in Lost Ark soon enough.

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