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League of Legends - Riot Games Respond to Tyler 1 Remake Bug

Published: 00:09, 28 September 2022
Tyler1 - The man has every right to be mad
Tyler1 - The man has every right to be mad

When players ask Riot Games to do something about the state of their game, they don't seem to hear. Will they do the same when a famous streamer gets affected, though?

We all know that League of Legends streamers, and streamers in general, attain infamy hand in hand with fame, and get allies that troll their games due to hate. Gambling, on the other hand, is a completely different matter, and Riot Games have not given the answer to this problem.

Recently, Tyler1 has had issues with win traders appearing more and more in his games, and quite a few have been targeting him specifically.

However, in a recent game, it seems that Riot Games have been the cause of his latest outburst. Of course, it was indirectly by not fixing a bug that has been present in the game for a long time.

Of course, this does not narrow it down at all, as League of Legends has an incredible number of bugs Riot are ignoring but the one in question is the remake bug. Tyler 1 was the most recent famous victim of it happening, and, in essence, lost his mind on stream.

Twitch League of Legends - Tyler1 will either get the issue solved, or make some money when everyone else does as well League of Legends - The T-shirt is quite ironic it would appear

On a Reddit post, a Rioter responded that they are looking into the problem to fix it, after all, there was no reason his team couldn't remake with one member not even connecting.

A Redditor, though, asked an interesting question. Why is this problem only being looked into now, and being ignored for years while thousands of players asked for it to be fixed, year after year?

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