Unbound: Worlds Apart How to get the Lost Villager in Forest's Edge, Vaiya

Published: 09:05, 02 August 2021
Updated: 09:35, 02 August 2021
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Unbound: Worlds Apart
Unbound: Worlds Apart

Unbound: Worlds Apart has a fair share of its challenges and some tricky places to reach, like the Lost Villager in Forest's Edge.

Forest's Edge puzzle introduction

Vaiya may be the first map in Unbound: Worlds Apart but it spans several biomes and hides many secrets. For example, the Lost Villager in Forest's Edge may look like it's glitched or impossible to reach but the trick is to have a bit of creativity and remember the previous lessons the game taught you.

The villager I'm talking about is on top of a massive spiked wall that is much taller than the rotating platforms next to it, which is the reason the peak looks unreachable. 

Forest's Edge Villager solution

Finding the solution to this puzzle is not with the rotating platforms or additional moves that you might obtain later in the game. Instead, you will know by now that opening a portal on cubes that move vertically will make them start moving horizontally. 

Now, do you remember the cube you rode like an elevator to get to the rotating platforms? It can be reached once you've climbed them - just go the way the game takes you and as soon as you pass the archway that attunes you to the verticality portal, you will be able to see the cube's arrival point at the bottom edge of your screen.

The cubes themselves are easy to miss since they are visible only for a short period of time so just be patient and let the next one arrive. As it approaches the spikes that will destroy it, open the portal and it will make the cube take a turn to the right while you will touch the ceiling. 

Shut the portal down and start chasing the flying cube. As you reach the edge of your platform, just jump to the cube and it will carry you all the way to the lost villager.

If you're not sure about any step of the process, you can check out the video below.

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