Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 Patch 12.20 best comps: Dragons

Published: 19:33, 24 October 2022
Riot Games
Dragonmancer Karma
Dragonmancer Karma

Vertical Dragons build is the strongest Teamfight Tactics board in Set 7.5. At the same time, it is the hardest one to play because you need a lot of gold in your bank and a bit of luck too!

With the new Teamfight Tactics update bringing a ton of new changes, players may have questions about what is good to play especially in the new patch 12.20. Right now, the best comp to play is dragons -  the four dragon compositions featuring Idas, Ao Shin, Terra, and Shyvana. 

The comp is essentially the most capped a board can get in TFT Set 7.5. Seems like  Riot Games  made this board far too strong! That’s because the sheer strength of the Dragon champions cannot be matched.  But the thing about this comp is it's not something players can force.

Ao Shin is the primary carry for this composition.  The ideal items for the tier-five dragon are Spear of Shojin and Hextech Gunblade. The third item can vary depending on the lobby, ranging from Archangel’s Staff and Hand of Justice to Jeweled Gauntlet.


Secondary carries are Idas or Terra on the frontline, equipped with a Gargoyle Stoneplate to improve their defensive power. And the third carry is mostly Shyvana, equipped with items like Morellonomicon and Hand of Justice.

Augments play a big role in running Dragon during the late-game stages. Players will want to econ throughout the early and mid-game stages and use Augments like High-End Shopping to help. Dragon Soul is one of the best Augments for the TFT Set 7.5 Dragon build, and Level Up is another solid econ Augment.

Tactics Tools Teamfight Tactics vertical Dragons build Teamfight Tactics vertical Dragons build

To make this comp work, players need a ton of gold and be healthy enough to make the transition. But if they do, winning lobbies are pretty free. 

The only difference in this patch is that Shi Oh Yu and Aurelion Sol can be alternatives if Ao Shin and Terra are not found.


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