Teamfight Tactics: How to play the Dragonmancer Trait

Published: 14:42, 13 October 2022
Riot Games
Dragonmancer Lee Sin is back!
Dragonmancer Lee Sin is back!

This Dragonmancer guide will surely help you find the best combinations of units and items to win your every Teamfight Tactics game!  The main thing is to adapt your strategy and items to suit your current situation!

This is one of the Teamfight Tactics' original traits, unlike the Astral trait, which Riot Games  introduced in Set 7. Breakpoints for the Dragonmancer trait are 2/4/6/8. With every breakpoint hit, your units gain Health and Ability Power.

Dragonmancer champions are Kai'sa, Lee Sin, Volibear, Set, Karma, and Yasuo. As you can see, you can't hit all eight Dragonmancers just by placing these units. You will need to find a Dragonmancer emblem or make one by combining Spatula and Needlessly Large Rod.

The best thing with Dragonmancers is that you get to choose a Hero.  Use the Dragonmancer Blessing item to choose a Hero. The Hero gains massively increased Health and Ability Power, which increases by 20% per star level of your Dragonmancers. 

Breakpoint bonuses:

  • (2) 300 Health, +18 Ability Power
  • (4) 550 Health, +30 Ability Power
  • (6) 800 Health, +50 Ability Power
  • (8) 1500 Health, +75 Ability Power

The main carry for this comp should be Lee Sin. He can work with a lot of items. But, Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, and Jeweled Gauntlet are the best ones. These items give Lee infinite healing and a 100% Critical chance.  Lee's ability knocks targets back, dealing magic damage to all units hit.

When you hit Yasuo, he becomes the carry in pairing with Lee Sin. Yasuo works best with healing items like Bloodthirster. Also, you want to put Armor Penetration items so he can demolish the tanky frontlines of your enemies. If Yasuo hits only the last enemy left alive, he repeatedly slashes them until they die.

TFT Builder Teamfight Tactics Dragonmancer board Teamfight Tactics Dragonmancer board

Karma fires a burst of energy toward her target, dealing magic damage in a small area around the first enemy hit. Kaisa fires 4 missiles split between her target and up to 2 other targets within her attack range each dealing magic damage. This increases by 2 missiles each cast, up to 12. When at maximum missiles, each missile deals 10% more damage.

Volibear rages, gaining bonus Health. For the rest of combat, every 3rd attack deals bonus magic damage to the target and magic damage to up to 4 additional enemies.  All Dragonmancers heavily depend on mana, healing, and armor penetration items. Other items that work well with Dragonmancers are Giant Slayer, Rageblade, Blue Buff, and Quicksilver.


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