PlayStation 5's Console Sharing and Offline Play feature - explained

Published: 08:07, 09 November 2020
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PlayStation 4's game sharing feature, "Primary PS4" will be available on PlayStation 5 as well. The new version of the feature will be called "Console Sharing and Offline Play". Here's how to toggle it on or off.

Sony will be carrying PlayStation 4's game sharing feature, "Primary PS4" over to PlayStation 5. The feature that enables gamers to play a title without having to purchase multiple copies will also pop up on PS5, just under a different name.

In addition to the new moniker, the game sharing feature has also been updated so it is more user-friendly on the PlayStation 5. 

PlayStation 4 allowed its owners to set it up as their primary home console. Doing this enabled anyone who uses the Primary PS4 to access its entire library of media and video games, even if they log into it using a different account.

PlayStation 5's equivalent of the feature will be titled "Console Sharing and Offline Play". The PS5 version will grant the same service as the one on the PS4 - allowing many users to reach one account’s digital content, even if the console isn’t connected to the internet.

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How to turn PlayStation 5's Console Sharing and Offline Play on or off:

  • Go to Settings
  • Users and Accounts > Other
  • Select Console Sharing and Offline Play
  • Choose Disable or Don’t Disable

PlayStation 5 will come with the "Console Sharing and Offline Play" feature enabled, but you can easily turn it off. Console sharing will not interfere with the Primary PlayStation 4 so you can keep playing on both consoles while using the same account.

Xbox Series X users will not be able to take advantage of a similar feature. While two Xbox One consoles can access an Xbox Live account at the same time, trying to log in with a Series X account will kick the other consoles out.

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