Lost Ark: Why you shouldn't play Reaper class

Published: 08:00, 10 February 2022
Lost Ark -Reaper
Lost Ark -Reaper

We know the name sounds cool and all, but is that really the best way of deciding if you should level your first character as a Reaper? Here is why Reaper is not worth your time.

Lost Ark was designed in such a way, to make it playable for any class in the game. That is, the main storyline can be completed by each class the game has to offer. If you are playing Reaper as your first class, you will have no reference point for the PvE content, and may not realize how weak the class really is.

There are two playstyles for the Reaper class in Lost Ark, based on the engravings. The first is the Moon engraving which allows you to deal burst damage from stealth, while the Thirst engraving is for sustained damage. both of these still rely on back attacks, as the class is incredibly squishy.

In a 1v1 PvP match-up, the Reaper class is relatively strong, as this is its strong suit. However, it still can't match up to other, S-tier classes, in pretty much anything aside from mobility. Even then, all this class can do is keep up.

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In a 3v3 PvP match-up, the Reaper class is the worst class in Lost Ark. All players worth their salt will just ignore you until you jump into their crowd control yourself and them just one-shot you. The only role Reaper can have in these fights is pressuring Bards, due to the difficulty of peeling for Bards against Reapers, specifically.

All in all, anything Reaper can do, all other classes can do better, on top of their other kits and abilities, and until the class receives a massive buff or rework, it is not worth playing at all.

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