Lost Ark - All you need to know about Power Pass

Published: 07:19, 17 February 2022
Updated: 07:21, 17 February 2022
Lost Ark
Lost Ark

There is no doubt that Lost Ark is a game filled with grinding. However, the Power Pass system allows you not to have to repeat the same grinds all over again. Here is all the basic information you will need on that topic.

The Power Pass is a rare consumable item in Lost Ark that, for all intents and purposes, allows your alternate characters to reach level 50 with no leveling required. Of course, to do this you must have already finished the main storyline on your main, that is your first, character. After all, you must experience the storyline before being able to circumvent it.

The way to get a Power Pass is as follows:

  • Reach level 50,
  • Complete the Story Quests in Vern Castle,
  • Complete the unlocked "Ealyn's Gift" Quest,
  • Claim the Power Pass from your mail.

Lost Ark only offers two Power Passes per account, the second of which you get after using the first one.

Once you've chosen the character from your main screen, to use the Power Pass on, you will see the usual introduction and choose the character's advanced class. Then you will be offered the options of either skipping the story altogether or completing the so-called, "Adventurer's Path", which comprises of some hand-picked storyline quests. We sincerely recommend this option, as it comes with rewards in the form of a free pet and three chests.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Classes Lost Ark - Classes

Once you've finished the training for your class, your newly leveled character will spawn with a set of end-game gear in their inventory, which boosts their gear score up to 302, so you don't have to worry about being stranded in a high-level location with no level-appropriate gear.

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