Destiny 2 weapon level farming - best activities and mob farming spots

Published: 00:41, 30 June 2022
Destiny 2 - Reprised Menagerie weapons
Destiny 2 - Reprised Menagerie weapons

Are you looking for a way to level up Beloved or maybe Austringer quickly? Here is a rundown of all the activities and farming spots that serve that purpose in Destiny 2.

There are multiple ways to farm weapon levels in Destiny 2 . You can focus on farming mobs for progression through kills, go through activities for chunky bonuses at the end or do a combination of both.

In our testing thus far, we found that kill farming is the fastest way but it's utterly boring, activities are not as mind-numbing but slower and the combination part is just something to keep in mind while farming passively.

Progress amount per kill or activity

Primary and Special weapons require around 140 kills to level up while Heavy weapons require around 80. Naturally, this is an issue for the latter two due to the ammo scarcity so make sure you bring those Scavenger mods around.

As for activities, progress awarded on completion ranges from as little as one per cent to 35 per cent. Here is a full breakdown of weapon level progression per activity .

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2 - Weapon level farming in open world


Kill farming

The fastest way to level up your weapon is to kill a bunch of squishy mobs, the ones that die in one or two hits. Taken Thralls are perfect for this purpose and you can find a ton of them in The Last Wish raid as well as The Shattered Throne dungeon.

If you're farming in The Last Wish, progress until the Shuro Chi encounter, farm up all the squishes that come in the first wave, wipe and repeat. You should encounter between 80 and 90 enemies per run, which will take you three to four minutes to clear. In translation, you can get a weapon level each seven minutes or so.

In the case of the dungeon, however, The Shattered Throne is well known for the Thrallway. It takes a little bit of time to get there and requires you to pass an encounter but it's well worth it in the end. Taken Thralls are endless and you can keep killing them for what is the single fastest method to farm weapon levels in Destiny 2.

Alternatively, you can cheese it and get there quickly, as shown in the video.

Activity and combined farming

One neat trick to remember in activities is that you don't actually need to use your weapon to get progress. It's enough to switch to it at the end of the activity.

From the spreadsheet linked above, you can see that Nightfalls and Master Wellspring offer the most progress per completion. Nightfalls on Adept difficulty have Power requirement that is significantly under the Powerful cap, meaning they are highly accessible and the difficulty itself is not much harder than a regular Vanguard strike.

Completing three Nightfalls will award 99 per cent of the level but if you keep using the weapon throughout the activity, you are likely to earn more than one level from kills alone.

Depending on which strike you get to play, you can wander off to a Lost Sector or a public event area there to farm up a bunch of kills before your teammates progress enough to teleport you to their location.

Master Wellspring awards 35 per cent progression per completion but I wouldn't suggest that since Adept Nightfalls are much easier and quicker to complete.

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