Dauntless beginner armour guide - which one should you craft?

Published: 13:24, 12 June 2019
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Dauntless has twenty armour sets. Some of these sets seem better than others but ultimately each set has its own pros and cons that you need to balance out for specific builds. The key is to wear appropriate attire for each occasion.

Picking the right armour set for your specific playstyle is one of the key things in Phoenix Labs' free to play action RPG Dauntless if you want to become the ultimate behemoth slayer.

There are various armour sets that come with Element Resistance and Element Weakness stats you need to keep an eye on if you want to counter enemies' elemental strengths and use their weakness for maximum efficiency. If you're wondering which attire is hands down the best in the early game, the simple answer is: every one of them.  

For example, our personal favourite - Embermane Armour Set comes with +100 Blaze Element once you have all four pieces equipped. As the name suggests, Blaze is best against Frost Behemoth's armour but it's weak against Frost Behemoth's attacks. 

Embermane Armour has a special ability that can set enemies on fire, dealing damage over time. Also, it packs four Cell slots - two Mobility Cells and one Technique and Defence.

AltChar artwork from dauntless showing embermane armour set Dauntless - Embermane Armour Set

Embermane Armour Set Beginner Perks:
  • +2 Evasive Fury - Increases attack speed when dodging through Behemoth's attack
  • +1 Evasion - Increases invincibility time when dodging
  • +1 Fireproof - Protects against being set on fire

As you can see from Embermane Perks, it's an armour set that rewards mobility and it's probably best suited for those who love to deal quick damage with some fast attacks, fall back to a safe distance with a quick dodge and repeat the process. 

Keep in mind that full armour sets are usually your best option for Mastery challenges, which are basically Behemoth objectives that reward you with valuable items. The key is to battle Behemoths in their own set of armour so you get all the perk advantages and finish them off as quickly as possible.

Another set we wholeheartedly recommend for starting out with Dauntless is Drask Armour. The looks on this one are probably its weakest feature but overall, Drask, with its two Power and Utility Cells is perfect for those who want to farm materials as fast as possible and quickly reach higher levels.

You can also equip it with Overpower Perk for increased damage against staggered Behemoths, which can be devastating in combination with slashing weapons like Sword, Axe and Chain Blades or blunt such as Hammer.

AltChar artwork showing drask armour set from dauntless Dauntless - Drask Armour Set

Drask Armour Set Beginner Perks:

  • +2 Aetheric Attunement - Increase to Lantern Charge gained from attacks
  • +1 Fleet Footed - Temporarily increases Movement Speed after a dodge
  • +1 Sharpened - Increase to Part damage

For even more Power but much lower Survivability, combine Drask armour with Quillshot Armour that adds Savagery and Barbed perks, which increase damage against wounded parts and add a flat amount of Wound damage on hit respectively. Also, slashing weapons deal +50 per cent damage to wounded parts, so that's another plus.

Gnasher Armor is the first set you'll craft in the game. With its two Defence Cells and survivability-focused main perk, it's a great choice for those who love tanky builds and would rather play slow and safe. 

AltChar dauntless artwork showing gansher armour set Dauntless - Gansher Armour Set

Gnasher Armour Set Perks:

  • +2 Tough - Increases Max Health
  • +1 Bloodless - Protects against Wounded and Crippling Wounds statuses
  • +1 Ragehunter - Increases damage against enraged Behemoths

Being one of the earliest sets in the game, Gnasher doesn't have Elemental Strenght and Weakness but in combination with other sets, it can offer much-needed survivability and health. For example, you can combine it with Drask Armour to create a great balance between high Power and Health.

If you're not doing Mastery challenges, you probably want to mix and match different sets and focus on Perks, Cell slots and of course, Elemental resistances for your build needs as base resistance is always the same on each armour set. You can basically pick one armour at the beginning of the game and keep upgrading it until you reach maximum resistance. 

It really comes down to prefered playstyle and looks in the end as each armour set in Dauntless have its specific purpose.

Altchar dauntless screenshot showing quest giver katerin sorrel Dauntless

You may be looking at these armour sets and wonder how and where do I get them? Well, if the answer is not obviously obvious by now - you kill monsters, which drop materials needed for crafting these specific sets. Slay Embermane and craft his armour or take down Drasks for shiny new Drask Armour set and repeat the process until you slay the ultimate Behemoth.

In order to unlock all these monsters for slaying, you'll have to complete quests for Katerine Sorrel. She's in Ramsgate, just left of the Hunt Board.

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