Dauntless weapons overview - which one is the best for you?

Published: 22:16, 03 June 2019
Phoenix Labs

Picking a suitable weapon for lurking around big game can be a daunting task for new Dauntless players. Phoenix Labs' Monster Hunter-like has a variety of tools available, and we just so happen to have a few wise words to help you pick.

Some see the game as a free alternative to Monster Hunter: World, others as a Fornite-ish copy of Capcom's title but we gave it a go and found a lot to like. 

However, we dived in somewhat unseasoned so it took a while to find the perfect gear for our prefered playstyle, so let us save you some trouble.


Dauntless' most boring and straightforward weapon doubles as its most noob friendly one. The Sword is a perfect choice if you can't decide on a playstyle just yet, but want to remain viable until you do.

However, make no mistake, a Sword is a perfectly fine weapon even if you decide to make it essential long-term. They are by far the most balanced option around and offer good damage while staying fast enough for quick combos.

Attacking with a Sword will power your Overdrive meter which adds more damage to strikes and allows for Aether Dash use at a longer distance. The combos are fairly simple when compared to other weapons, which increases the sword's early-game utility.

Altchar dauntless screenshot showing sword combos and attacks Dauntless - Sword Attacks and Combos


Simply put, Axes are one of the slowest but most powerful weapons in Dauntless. Yes, they could be a bit quicker but if you master them and manage to time your attacks perfectly, the raw damage is absolutely devastating and compensates for the slower swings.

Combos further amplify this, allowing for finishers with the Vertical Ripper attack. It takes a bit to get used to slower attacks and it's not as straightforward as the sword, but once you get a hold of it, you'll be the unstoppable monster slayer and A+ will be a regular sight on the score screen.

It is possible to combine a dodge and charge for quicker attacks. The Axe special ability is named Flight of Ruin and it allows you to attack the behemoths from distance by throwing the Axe, which can then be recalled for a powerful overhead slam.

Altchar dauntless screenshot showing axe attacks and combos Dauntless - Axe attacks and combos


The best weapon for cutting off monster's tails and other body parts. War Pikes are probably the best-looking weapons in action, so if you want the coolest moves and look fancy hunting behemoths, the War Pike is second to none.

It's a close quarter weapon and the short range is probably its biggest flaw. However, you can also use it from afar with the Aetheric Conversion special ability that fires devastating missiles, which have to be timed and aimed almost perfectly to land hits.

The War Pike also offers multiple attack combinations and its medium speed makes it a solid choice for steady and reliable DPS. 

AltChar dauntless screenshot showing war pike attacks Dauntless - War Pike attacks and combos


Just by looking at Hammer abilities and attack combinations you can see it's one of, if not the, most complex weapon in the game. Mastering it can be tough, but once you improve and find a way to compensate for its speed, it's a massive damage dealer.

Hammers run on ammo, no matter how weird that sounds, which can be unleashed in powerful concussive blast attacks. It is also the only weapon in Dauntless that allows you to perform a double jump while its Aetherslam is second to none for raw power.

It radiates waves of explosions that eat through ammunition, but successful Aertherslam strikes on behemoths fully reload your pouch.

AltChar Dauntless screenshot showing Hammer attacks and combos Dauntless - Hammer attacks and combos


Chain Blades are similar to Swords in temrs of speed and damage output. A personal favourite, they can be used as a ranged weapon with the Chain Throws attack, or with visually spetacular spinning combos up close. 

You can use the weapon's special ability Chain Pull to manage positioning, or get to a safe distance while doing some damage at the same time. Our favourite thing when using the Chain Blades was to combine dash and light attacks for a quick in and out of the danger zone.

There are a lot of combinations that can make Chain Blades the go to weapon, and we found that most attacks are best combined with dash ability.

AltChar Dauntless screenshot showing Chain Blades attacks and combos Dauntless - Chain Blades attacks and combos


Repeaters are the only proper ranged avenue. They are a bit different as you can customise individual parts to make them more suited to your playstyle. 

You can change Barrels, Chambers, Grips, and Prisms. Each of these parts brings different damage types and abilities. For example, the barrel determines element attack types - fire, water, frost etc. Grips set your thrown ability such as explosive mines while Prisms add passive bonuses.

While Repeaters are ranged weapon, don't get too far from the action as the damage drop off can be pretty severe. Another reason to stay close to behemoths is Empowered Reload which buffs your shots and absorbs energy if you reload close to a beast.

AltChar Dauntless screenshot showing Repeaters attacks and combos Dauntless - Repeaters attacks and combos

It is always worth keeping in mind that specific Lanterns can add more depth to your build and bring it even closer to your idea of a perfect behemoth slayer.

Dauntless, Phoenix Point's beautifully looking action RPG

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