Cyberpunk 2077: How to fix startup crashes after the 1.5 update

Published: 19:17, 16 February 2022
Updated: 19:18, 16 February 2022
Will this update lift Cyberpunk 2077 from ashes?
Will this update lift Cyberpunk 2077 from ashes?

With every Cyberpunk's update, a new series of bug and glitches appear, and CD Project continues to chase its tail through spaghetti code

CD Project RED dropped an update yesterday for next-gen consoles, and after more than a year, is one of the games people are talking about. The figures are not yet available for next-gen consoles, however, SteamCharts data is showing that at the moment of writing this, 33 thousand people are playing the game, which is the highest amount of currently playing users since February of 2021.

Of course, the same old story continued as the new bugs emerged after the 1.5 updates.  Reddit and Discord are again full of funny & annoying glitches breaking the game. CD Project RED are fully aware of the issues, and are currently working on resolving two major issues:

  • The disc version not launching on PS4 after applying the patch.
  • Game crashing on launch on the PC (audio software-related). 

A possible workaround for the second problem is disabling faulty audio drivers before launching the game. Drivers that are known to cause crashes are: A-Volute, Nahimic, and Sonic Studio

SoupsSB Update introduced new apartments Update introduced new apartments

However, if you have problems even starting the game on PC, the problem might be in the mods you installed.

Community Manager of Red Modding, the team behind WolvenKit, just posted on Reddit an important message regarding start-up issues and crashes after the 1.5 updates.

As Cyberpunk changes internal code with every update, the tools that are used for modding need to be updated as well as they can cause crashes. The solution for now is to uninstall every mod installed along with every modding tool to make sure the game is not crashing on startup because of that.

The mods will be up and running again as soon as the modding community updates their tools to comply with the latest code changes.

After you have uninstalled the mods, make sure you run the Verify file integrity process. If you never installed mods in the first place and get the Data corrupted error messagethis fix applies to you too.

GOG users can do that through GOG GALAXY. Login to your GOG account, choose the game in the Owned games tab, click customize, then manage installation, verify and finally repair.

Steam users need to right-click the game in the Library section, and under properties select the Local files tab, where the Verify integrity of game cache option will appear.

Epic users need to navigate to the game in the Epic Launcher, click on the three dots to expand options, and select Verify from the drop-down list.

File integrity verification can take a couple of minutes so be patient.

If you still have problems, here are a couple of possible solutions recommended by the CD Project RED:

  • Do a clean reinstall of your graphic card drivers (both NVIDIA & AMD)
  • Disable any application using overlay features when starting the game. That includes Discord, Ubisoft Connect, Galaxy
  • Disable all unnecessary apps including hardware monitoring and antivirus programs
  • Check the clock rate of your GPU and CPU as overclocking can cause crashes or even permanent damage 

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