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XCOM: Chimera Squad profiles for Cherub, Patchwork, Shelter and Claymore revealed

Published: 12:26, 22 April 2020
XCOM: Chimera Squad
XCOM: Chimera Squad

Firaxis revealed four additional agent profiles for XCOM: Chimera Squad and unfortunately for many anxious fans, none of them are Torque or Axiom. Maybe the devs left the best for last.

XCOM: Chimera Squad already introduced four operatives in a single day, as we got to hear the background stories of the sectoid Verge,  gunslinger Blueblood,  ranger Godmother and the medic Terminal.

Over the course of the last four days, they also slowly introduced four additional members of the peacekeeping force. Cherub was the first among them, and the only alien in this batch. Well, partially alien. XCOM 2 players are familiar with the nature of ADVENT forces, and that they are essentially hybrids of human and alien DNA.

We got to work with some of them in the War of The Chosen but they had already gained their personalities as they witnessed the horrors inflicted by the aliens. Cherub is not like that. He was found and liberated by the resistance during the time in the tube and ADVENT didn't have time to indoctrinate him. While combat-ready, the would-be ADVENT soldier joined the resistance and later the Chimera Squad.

Patchwork lost three limbs while she was a child during the alien invasion. The Eternals later sought to use her as propaganda after fitting the child with prosthetic limbs but ironically enough, the subject of propaganda herself turned on them and joined XCOM, serving as a specialist.

Shelter is yet another person who was originally used by the aggressors as he had Psi powers. He suffered horrors inflicted by aliens himself but the real pain for him are the horrors the aliens forced him to inflict upon others. Seeking to put his powers to rest, he decided to join XCOM and give them one last run, this time for good.

Claymore's story is probably the most straightforward so far. Like the name suggests, he is the demolition expert in the team and the story reflects it at every corner. He grew up loving to tinker with things and then blowing them up. He also appears to have more courage than sense since he activated an explosive device while the Lost were attacking him and a few other people.

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