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World of Warships is offering rewards for the best naval tattoos

Published: 18:49, 17 July 2020
World of Warships
World of Warships

Wargaming came up with a fairly unusual way to cheer up the World of Warpships community as they announced a raffle that is based on naval tattoos.

Tattoos and sailors have been going together for centuries now as the tradition kicked off in 1770s when Captain Cook came back from his voyage to Polynesia where he discovered the indigenous people's art of decorating the body with various drawings.

When he came home, he brought a native with him, who then proceeded to make the tattoos en masse. Even the term "tattoo" was coined by Cook. Anyway, the tattoos gained various meanings and became symbols of status among sailors throughout the centuries.

For example, an anchor tattoo could be accompanied by a swallow or two, based on how many miles a sailor reached. Rooster and pig tattoos, on the other hand, would symbolise a sailor's warrior spirit that they didn't wish to lose. This symbology is further explained in the rather interesting animated video below.

With the importance of tattoos for sailors in mind, Wargaming organised a raffle where fans of the game can potentially send the pictures of their sailor tattoos until July 24, 2020. From that date until July 31, players will start voting on the short list of tattoos and winners will be declared by August 13.

The grand prize of the raffle is a $1,000 voucher gift that can be used for a new tattoo. Besides the big one, there will be 100 awards for other participants, all of which are different camouflages for their vessels. 

You can check out the prizes and their distribution over World of Warships and World of Warships Legends on the raffle site . That's the same place where you can submit your tattoo image as well.

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