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Wild Terra 2: New Lands Alpha test is starting soon

Published: 19:17, 18 February 2020
Juvty Worlds
Wild Terra 2: New Lands
Wild Terra 2: New Lands

Juvty Worlds announced that the sequel to their sandbox RPG Wild Terra is entering Alpha testing phase on 20 February 2020. It offers improved graphics, new features and overall a chunky MMO where every new season brings a new continent.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands is a sequel to the Wild Terra from 2017 which has mixed reviews on Steam due to extremely polarising views on the game's pros and cons. While those who didn't like it professed their disappointment at certain game mechanics or not getting rewards after it went free to play, others are praising its likeness to Runescape and similar games as there is a lot of progression to be done.

Whether the sequel leans towards the positive or negative sides remains to be seen but one thing that is certain is that gameplay should feel much more up to date since the graphics have seen much-needed improvements along with animations.

Another interesting part is the scope of Wild Terra 2. According to the description on the Steam page , it will have two continents initially - One Mainland and New Lands but each season will bring a new one.

Since the game is all about progressing your character, it certainly doesn't lack when it comes to the sheer number of crafting disciplines. There are 13 that are mentioned on the store page and each of them will require "perseverance and knowledge" if the player aims to master them.

Considering the game is crowdfunded through its own website , it's not unusual that Alpha access will be privileged. Only those who purchased Conqueror, Hero or any of the Creator packs will have access to the Alpha test that will run from 20 February to 3 March 2020.

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