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Warframe: Wukong nerf still echoes through the Space Ninjas' arsenals

Published: 06:42, 07 October 2022
Prime frames ripe for picking during Prime Resergence - round two
Prime frames ripe for picking during Prime Resergence - round two

Some time has passed since Warframe received one of its most controversial updates yet. With major changes to the meta, the fans needed some time to adjust and let everything settle in.

To everybody's surprise, following the horrific backlash that went as far as review bombing the game, Warframe developers, Digital Extremes , decided to stick to their guns and keep the meta-changing nerfs as they initially planned.

Let us take a look at what it was that upset the fans to this point.

Celestial Twin:

  • Overall damage has been halved
    • Marking enemies with the Ability Button offers a 3x damage boost against marked targets. 
  • Vulnerable to self-stagger from its own weapon.
  • Wukong's Ammo Pool is now shared with his Celestial Twin. 
    • Upon running out of ammo for a specific weapon, the Twin will either swap to a weapon in your loadout that does have ammo or swap to a melee when completely out of ammo 
  • Made several HUD adjustments to Wukong’s Celestial Twin/Defy icons so that they are not stretched or overlap with other UI elements. 

Primal Fury Changes:

  • Iron staffs melee stance got reworked to modern standards to be more in line with modern standards
    • Bigger hits in combos now have larger built-in damage multipliers. 
  • Added a short-duration vortex pull at the end of his forward combo when he slams the floor.
    • Does not scale with Ability Strength Mods. 
    • Adds a QOL update to the staff

Wukong is now a little less of a no-brainer pick for certain weapon combinations, especially considering the other big changes DE has decided to introduce. 

Now, depending on the mission type and the overall difficulty of the content in question, there may simply be more viable choices.

Warframe Juggernaut hitting Wukong as hard as the nerf hammer Juggernaut hitting Wukong as hard as the nerf hammer

A squad lacking damage could now opt to bring Saryn, Equinox or Volt for AOE damage, or alternatively Gyre or Harrow for more focus damage. Giving them a chance to show what they are made of (and for).

While the community remains bitter over one of their most used frames receiving a sizeable nerf, this is simply a byproduct of players becoming complacent before being forced out of their comfort zone. 


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