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Warframe dev shows Call of Tempestarii and new warframe, Sevagoth

Published: 10:11, 01 February 2021
Updated: 11:33, 01 February 2021
Digital Extremes
Warframe, Sevagoth's nautical quest
Warframe, Sevagoth's quest that has a nautical, Flying Dutchman flavour

Digital Extremes and Warframe are heading for an exciting beginning of 2021 as the dev showed off the update 30, i.e. Call of Tempestarii, and the new warframe Sevagoth.

Call of Tempestarii is scheduled for March 2021 and it includes a hefty Railjack rework, which one of the devs aptly called Railjack surgery with a chainsaw.

Warframe will get more core gameplay into Railjack missions so that it feels less like its own island, and there will be improved rewards, less drawn-out missions and reduction in the grind mistakes DE did. 

The dev added that they're "adding Drydocks to Relays to make squadding up more fluid, especially for those without their own Drydock in their clan. We will still ensure to honour the effort of those who build their own Drydocks, so do not fret!"

This is admittedly just the beginning of the Railjack rework, and DE are welcoming any ideas on how to make it a more fun experience overall. 

Digital Extremes Picture of a Tenno inside a Railjack looking at the outside of Railjack Warframe - Railjack

Sevagoth is the new frame coming with Call of Tempestarii, and TennoCon 2020 visitors should recognise it from the Codename Wraithe concept art. Now, however, we have the final name as well as abilities. 

  • FIRST ABILITY: Reap - A shadow flies forward, dealing damage to all he comes into contact with. Enemies that survive this attack will be debuffed and take additional damage for a duration. Each enemy killed during Reap or with the debuff active will feed his Meter. You can let the shadow fly free or aim your weapon for the shadow to follow.
  • SECOND ABILITY: Sow - A short range cast that drains the life from your target over time.. If a player Reaps what they Sow, the reap will explode on contact dealing the targets remaining health in AOE damage. Enemies that die from Sow or the Reap will fill his Meter.
  • THIRD ABILITY: Gloom - An AOE Slow that grows around the Wraith, filling the Meter when enemies are within the AOE. Squad members within range will be granted a life steal buff to their attacks.
  • FOURTH ABILITY: Shadow Form - Unleash the Shadow in exalted form. This is a pure Melee form with 3 additional base powers. Sevagoth will remain in casting location and will be invulnerable to damage. If killed in Shadow form, players will be forced back to Sevagoth.

Sevagoth will get its own quest that Digital Extremes claim will have a nautical, Flying Dutchman sort of feel. Okay then, grind ahoy maties!

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