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Warframe players have been keeping Fortuna 69 alive for a while

Published: 19:04, 12 December 2018
Digital Extremes
Warframe: Fortuna

You've got to love it when communities unite to do stuff - parts of Warframe's community have taken it upon themselves to keep Fortuna's instance 69 alive and it's been up for more than a month now, with some help from Digital Extremes too.

Fortuna's launch was quite the affair and it helped Warframe to a number of concurrent players on Steam. As much as 132,201 visited Orb Vallis and that number doesn't include players who don't use Steam, or PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players for that matter.

Warframe players eventually grew fond of Fortuna's instance 69, deciding to do all in their power to keep it alive. User PsyCoCinematics took it one step further and made a YouTube called "Fortuna 69 Call for Aid! And Tenno WILL Answer!" on 28 November, which is pretty self-explanatory.

The beloved Canadian developer not only played along, they ended up giving suggestions on how to maintain Fortuna 69. To make matters even funnier, they did so as part of Warframe's red text, i.e. the update/hotfix notes that appear in chat and usually refer to the more important stuff.

 "Time for your weekly reminder about the will of the Tenno: Fortuna 69 lives, and here’s how you can keep it alive. At least one of you has to stay in Fortuna 69 while everyone else downloads. Once people with the Hotfix return, whoever was keeping Fortuna 69 around can safely Hotfix", they wrote.

Digital Extremes are not the ones to pass up on a joke though and they added, "It is only by your hand that Fortuna 69 will live on – which is true in many ways since it’s likely it is also only by your hand that any kind of 69 will live on." Which is exactly why we love them.

Digital Extremes Warframe: Fortuna
Warframe: Fortuna

Warframe: Fortuna is now live on as well, so console players are finally on the same page as the PC players. Here's to hoping we get equally as ridiculous shenanigans from them as well.

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Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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