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Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol reworks Corpus, adds new frame Protea

Published: 15:46, 09 June 2020
Digital Extremes
Large mechanical beast in Warframe
Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol

Digital Extremes announced Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol update, and it brings a complete rework of Corpus, new time-bending Warframe Protea and more.

"The Corpus Board of Directors is in shambles. Infighting has ground its System-spanning operation to a screeching halt. Eager to fill the power vacuum himself, Nef Anyo has initiated The Deadlock Protocol", Digital Extremes wrote. 

Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol launches for PC this week, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to follow.

As you'll see in the trailer, we're not talking about cosmetic changes - Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol reworks the narrative, the entirety of the Corpus fleet and even the Jackal, whose lovely mug you can see on the cover image.

The latter two you'll be seeing a lot, as you'll get to explore the retrofitted and redeployed Corpus and going back to Fossa to meet the new and improved enemy. There will be seven days of Jackal Sorties after Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol Launches. 

Digital Extremes Warframe's new frame Protea Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol, Protea Collection

The Deadlock Protocol also adds the new warframe, Protea, who wields time in addition to some advance gadgetry. Her abilities are as follows:


Activate to throw a cluster of shrapnel grenades, damaging and staggering nearby enemies. Hold to emit sticky shield grenades that latch onto allies and restore a large amount of shields.


Place a temporary rapid-fire turret that automatically targets enemies. Each successful hit increases its damage, causing projectiles to pierce enemies and hit multiple foes with a single shot.


Deploy a cycling supply cache that can generate health, ammo and energy pickups periodically.


Activate to drop an anchor point that records Protea’s state. Any damage dealt to Protea during the Ability will be emitted back to your foes upon deactivation. Deactivating Temporal Anchor will rewind Protea back to the activation point restoring all ammo, energy, shields and health. If Protea is downed while Temporal Anchor is active, Protea will automatically rewind to safety!

Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol reworks Corvus

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