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Warframe Revised will prevent one shots and reduce Railjack costs

Published: 22:58, 29 February 2020
Digital Extremes
Picture of a Tenno inside a Railjack looking at the outside of Railjack
Warframe - Railjack

Digital Extremes are preparing for a massive Warframe update that is just around the corner. It will bring joy to the players via reduced Railjack costs and shield changes that will prevent getting one shots.

Warframe is a beloved game in the community since it gets so much content at no extra charge. Naturally, this is compensated by the microtransactions but since the players are happy to keep receiving content with no entry barriers it is only fair the developers are compensated.

The next wave of changes coming to Warframe is not focused on adding new content though. It will prioritise revising and refreshing existing things but the players are bound to be joyful after these kick in regardless.

Railjack changes are probably what will bring the most smiles all around. Players will see overall costs reduced by 66 to 75 per cent thanks to the revised series of Blueprints in the quest. This discount applies to Railjack parts while the crafting time will be reduced to six hours each.

Players who haven't started Rising Tide will get the price discounts, those who started will get a Rush Repair Drone and will transition to new costs on the next stage while old costs will be refunded. Players who completed Rising Tide will get two Rush Repair Drones while cost differences will be refunded.

Another thing that annoyed players were bursts of damage that could one-shot them. This will be changed with the update since armour, health and shields will all get reworked. One of the most important changes is that both friendlies and hostiles will be protected from such occurrences. 

This will be made possible due to shield gating, which means health damage will not apply for a short period of time after shields are depleted. It is meant to prevent bursts but not sustained fire so be mindful of your newfound resilience.

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon remaster by Digital Extremes

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Warframe, Plains of Eidolon remaster

Furthermore, players will not be damaged by their own explosions anymore - they will get just staggered or knocked down.

We listed only a handful of the upcoming changes but there are 21 in total. You can check all the updates on Warframe forums .

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