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Warframe's The Old Blood update adds Grendel warframe, Kuva Lich

Published: 06:22, 05 November 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe's fresh new frame Grendel
Warframe, Grendel the Devourer

Digital Extremes rolled out a fresh new Warframe update called The Old Blood and it's packed full of features, starting with your own persistent enemy the Kuva Lich, a devouring new frame Grendel, phase two of melee changes and more.

Here's the skinny for all you TL&DR enthusiasts  - "Take on the Kuva Lich, your personal villain; trample your prey as the ravenous Grendel; cleave through flesh and bone with the robust Melee Phase 2 rework; utilize Vauban and Ember's revamped Ability Kits; and collect a smorgasbord of new Gear and Customizations".

According to the dev, Grendel's menacing appearance is just warframe-deep as he's a real sweetheart inside. That said, he's got tons of storage space where the creamy Warframe center would normally be. 

Grendel's passive grants armour per enemy consumed, while Feast lets you eat them and store their energy. Warframe players can then choose to buff nearby teammates with Nourish, send a bile-soaked, toxic bullet projectile with Regurgitate. 

If the digestive powers aren't enough, Grendel can also curl up into a devastating ball and roll over his enemies, much like Overwatch's Wrecking Ball. So far, it looks like a nice balance of regenerative and destructive capabilities.

As for the Kuva Lich, i.e. your new personalised enemy, landing the final blow on a Kuva-Spiked Grineer is all you need to do to commence the hostilities. Once the creature is reborn, it will settle in the Origin System and build a following of Thralls. 

Digital Extremes are continuing the melee tweaks they started earlier this year, and Phase 2 introduces Heavy Attacks for all the melee weaponry. These attacks sluggish so you might not always connect, but when they do - the damage will make it worth it. 

Warframe's melee attacks now work in mid-air too and some are capable of juggling enemies, which should be interesting.

You can find the full patch notes .

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon remaster by Digital Extremes

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Warframe, Plains of Eidolon remaster
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