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Warframe PC getting new frame called Hildryn this week

Published: 10:09, 04 March 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe's new frame called Hyldrin
Warframe, Hyldrin

Digital Extremes' latest dev stream includes a bunch of goodies coming to Warframe, but we'll be focusing on this week's PC update that has the new frame Hildryn, Revenant's Sword, improved Venus lighting, waypoint improvements and more.

What makes Hildryn truly unique is that she doesn't have energy - only shields. Worry not though, as Digital Extremes made sure her shields have other defensive capabilities, passive perks and, of course, some truly gorgeous visuals.

Whereas other frames are bound by shield recharge delays, Hildryn can get around it by picking up energy Orbs, which instantly bypass the timer. As you progress, her shields and overshields will get bumped as well.

Hildryn's first weapon is the Balefire, which can be charged for extra damage and can be modded as a separate weapon. Activating Aegis Storm adds one to her left arm as well, so double the trouble.

Shield Pillage is number two and has Hildryn emitting a pulse that expands around her and then shrinks either automatically once it reaches a certain size or on key press, syphoning shields and armour from enemies. 

Note that if you team up with other Warframe players, Shield Pillage will remove all their negative status effects. 

Hyldrin's third ability is Haven, which is toggled and once active, Warframe's new frame will be draining enemies for shields and faster shield recharge, which will damage enemies and buff allies.

Last but most certainly not least is Aegis Storm, Hyldrin's ultimate that has her getting some air, where Warframe players control the lift with space and shift, no rhyme intended, while enemies are left suspended in the air.

What Hyldrin does is generate an energy field that expands as you go lower, but deals less damage, whereas going higher will boost the damage while narrowing the area of effect. Once deactivated, Aegis Storm slams all the enemies into the ground, knocking back enemies in the radius.

Digital Extremes Warframe's new frame Hyldrin Warframe, Hyldrin

Digital Extremes said that the  PC update is coming this week and will also come with part of Warframe's Abilities Screen upgrade, Revenant's Sword and even some sexy lighting changes on Venus.

You can check out more details or have a look at the video above - the Hyldrin stuff starts at 26:30.

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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