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Dev says they'll ease up on the grind in Warframe: Fortuna

Published: 18:51, 24 October 2018
Digital Extremes
Revenant and Garuda, two new warframes from Warframe
Warframe, Revenant and Garuda

Digital Extremes have revealed that Warframe's upcoming expansion Fortuna will not be repeating the mistakes made by its predecessor Plains of Eidolon and although not free of grind, will come with a significantly lighter grinding load.

Warframe's community manager Rebecca Ford told Eurogamer that Digital Extremes are aware that Plains of Ediolon launched with a hefty resource imbalance but that this time around, they'll be cutting back. The developer is fully focused not to "repeat the super intensive economy" in 's case.

Ford said that they listened to Warframe's playerbase and made sure that Fortuna's bounties are accessible from within the world, something that was requested ever since PoE turned it into a chore with all the gate-passing. Fortuna's resident NPCs will be found across Orb Vallis, which is the cold expanse above the underground city.

In case you've been hoping to have an immediate go at Warframe's new giant spiders of Venus, we've got some semi-bad news - the spiders will be added later. According to Ford, these Venusian arachnids may take anywhere from two weeks to a month to implement, since Digital Extremes are doing their best to make fighting them as awesome as possible.

The company's also teased the Railjack, Warframe's new interceptor ship that adds some delightful team-based play to the game, both in and out of the ship. Unfortunately, Ford doesn't have an exact date on when we'll be seeing the Railjack but back at TennoCon, it was said that it should be added before 2018 is over.

Digital Extremes Revenant, latest addition to Digital Extremes' game Warframe Warframe

Digital Extremes also announced Revenant and Garuda warframes at TennoCon and while the former has been added in one of the , Garuda doesn't have an exact timeframe. The developer is apparently considering whether to give her a storyline, which would mean it will be released a bit later than planned. You can't say you wouldn't love to see that - if only to see who does her nails.

You can find Ford's full interview with Eurogamer over .


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