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Warframe adds Nidus, Harrow, Octavia, Ivara augment mods

Published: 08:46, 28 June 2018
Updated: 06:46, 29 June 2018
Digital Extremes
Two cybernetic looking creatures fighting in Warframe

Digital Extremes have rolled out four new augment mods for your warframes in Warframe, including Nidus, Harrow, Octavia and Ivara, with some users already jokingly suggesting that the dev's updates are really doing the company's name proud.

Nevertheless, let's not pretend that Warframe is, or ever was, designed with subtlety in mind. I mean, you're killing endless streams of enemies all the time, so perhaps Digital Extremes is right to go to digital extremes, right.

Anyway, the first augment mod is for Nidus Warframe's Ravenous and it's aptly called Insatiable. When standing in the Ravenous infestation, your Nidus will gain a 60 per cent chance to generate an extra Mutation stack along with the due one.

Next up is Harrow's Warding Thurible augment mod, which grants allies in range a 40 per cent damage reduction when channelling Thurible. Teamwork OP,right? Digital Extremes also threw in 0.5 extra energy charge when damaged.

Octavia Warframe's Partitioned Mallet is actually a community voted augment, allowing for two simultaneous Mallets. Their strength is offset with 50 per cent reduced range, so not really a digital extreme I guess. Also, nice balancing, Warframe community.

The last, but most certainly not the least is Ivara's Empowered Quiver, which already seems to have struck a chord with the Warframe community. Equipping the mod means your Dashwire will grant allies 100 per cent critical damage, while the Cloak arrow has a 100 per cent chance to prevent Status Effects.

In case you're new or newer to the game, these are not the standard interchangeable Warframe mods but rather specialised ones, aimed specifically at boosting individual warframes. They're earned by aligning yourself with Syndicates and completing subsequent missions, propelling yourself to the highest rank and picking up your sweet rewards.

Digital Extremes A decayed arched structure from one of Warframe's maps Digital Extremes

Thankfully, Warframe's modular fun-frame allows for endless tinkering already, with the new mods throwing in even more fun to the fray. Judging from the comments though, Ivara's new mod seems to be all the rage, with plenty of players already lining up for some freshly augmented carnage.

Digital Extremes roll out four augment mods for Warframe

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Digital Extremes the developers of Warframe roll out four new augment mods for your warframes in Warframe. The four mods are Nidus, Harrow, Octavia and Ivara, these augment mods will focus specifically on boosting individual warframes.

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