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Warface: Breakout - crossplay delayed until January 2021

Published: 10:56, 16 October 2020
Allods Team
Warface: Breakout - artwork
Warface: Breakout

Warface: Breakout's dev team sat down and added some A's to the fans' Q's. There was talk about the technical issues, plans for expanding the player base and more.

Warface: Breakout's dev team just posted their latest instalment of the developer update series. The team answered some questions the players have asked about the game and its future updates.

After being asked when will the technical issues that arose after the recent update be fixed, the devs acknowledged the performance problems and pointed out that they have already significantly improved the technical level of the game since its release. On that note, various technical improvements will be ready for deployment in October.

Long queue times were the second item on the list. Players wanted to know what the team is doing to attract more fans. The answer: among other things, a free weekend on Xbox . The free weekend is live right now and will go on until Sunday, October 18.

Allods Team Warface: Breakout - new skins coming with "Underground" Warface: Breakout - new skins coming with "Underground"

While asking about the region lock that should arrive during the "Underground" Season the fans also wanted to see if they could get the team to reveal the actual release date. 

The team only had this to say: "Region lock is a nice feature, but we would like to prevent our players from having to wait more than a couple of minutes to join a match. Any additional restrictions would negatively influence the queue time, so we will adapt accordingly."

The 60 tick rate servers will also be released during the "Underground" Season. For now, they remain in the testing phase. The team will be happy to release the 60 tick update in October if everything goes according to plan.

The question on crossplay raised the issue of the release date once more. Here, the team had some unfortunate news: due to a range of technical difficulties with crossplay, the feature had to be postponed until January 2021.

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