Warface: Breakout - Tips that will elevate your game

Published: 19:48, 23 June 2020
Allods Team
Key art for Warface: Breakout
In a world consisting solely of orange smoke, gas masks are a necessity.

Warface: Breakout may at first seem like a superfluous endeavour, wading in to an already crowded market dominated by the forever relevance of CS:GO and the stomping arrival of Valorant. But for console players, it's absolutely a viable go to.

As with most tactical shooters of this nature, your success is largely dependent on your willingness to support your squad and play the objective. There will always be lone wolf players looking to score a quick level up and boost their kill / death ratios; this is a reality of the competitive scene and pervasive across a lot of titles.

For the most part, being a team player is the right way to go. Warface: Breakout does a good job of tracking genuine assists, and through taut map design encourages you to cover your flanks and act swiftly. 

So far, so Counter-Strike. But there's a few wrinkles in its meta that are worth considering, especially if you're planning to invest your time in the ranked modes and unlocking customisation choices.

Allods Team Two squads face off in Warface: Breakout. Sneaky flank tactics are sneaky.

Smoke is your friend

Never underestimate the power of a sniper rifle in the hands of a competent player. They are positively lethal in Breakout, and packing a good countermeasure is a must, especially when you're attacking.

The temptation to disregard non-lethal equipment will be potent, but the value of smoke grenades cannot be understated. Unlike a lot of FPS games offering similar gadgetry, Breakout's version provides more than ample coverage and a thick visual block.

Good knowledge of a maps flanking routes is vital to leverage their full potential, but regardless, smoke grenades are a crucial component to success against foes at range. 

Don't throw your corpse on the pile

Despite the muscle memory deeply embedded in anyone who has ever played an objective based game type, you really don't need to make a mad dash to the lettered zones, whether you're attacking or defending. 

Breakout's maps are slightly larger than your typical arena shooter, and with ample cover and tight corners at every turn, your best bet is to take a more considered approach. Be reactive. Make your moves in response to inevitable rushers. 

This isn't about sprinting to glory or jumping around like you're playing Halo. To quote the opposite of the famous Mr. Worf: "Today is not a good day to die". 

Allods Team Explosive action in Warface: Breakout. Cool people don't look at people getting killed by explosions...

Shotguns may surprise you

The time to kill can vary massively across the different weapon tiers, with more expensive kit absolutely packing a more significant punch. You can certainly stay competitive if you're tight on green, but hedging your bets on the pricier options becomes vital in the late game.

An overlooked class is the shotguns, which offer a surprisingly effective close range counter to those aforementioned rushers. A tight spread and decent fire rate ensure that nine times out of ten, you'll come out on top.

Remember, camping doesn't tend to work in Breakout; the tight corners and obscured views means there's an increased chance that you'll get blindsided. So even the odds by staying on the move and keeping a shotgun purchase in mind. 

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